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HandHelp™ - the first barrier-free emergency call app for all cases of emergency to transmitting direct alarm of course to persons of your trust - because in an emergency every second counts!Also a direct alarm to police*, fire brigade*, emergency directing centers* (no external control centers / call centers).
Living together, without fear - be never alone en route!
HandHelp - emergency call rescue SOS app - directly, exactly, personally and clearly.
FUNCTIONS:• Within few seconds & directly is the data transmission to the directing emergency centers of police*, fire brigade*, rescue service* as well as to persons of your trust• Exact is the detection via satellite (e.g. GPS), GSM, WLAN• Personally and clearly is your profile for the rescue servicesTrailer:
ADVANTAGES & FEATURES:• speechless – because of easy button solution• no language knowledge necessarily suited (for migrants, travelers, people with partially or completely speech- / hearing disabilities)• quiet alarm without attracting attention - allows showing courage without endangering yourselfVideo:• picture, tone, documentation to the perpetuation of evidence (optionally video)• mobile home emergency outside used (people in need of care)• cheap “SOS-system” for private and business (quiet alarm)• advertisement-free application• easy to terminate
BARRIER-FREEDOM:Global emergency call aid SOS app - without telephoning, without language, without fax, without tab...See video with sign language:
FOR ALL USERS:• For any case of accident, medical emergency, fire, harassment, etc.• For emergency case of any other person – show civil courage, without putting yourself in danger• Health wise affected people (e.g. deaf, hard of hearing, blind, speech impaired)• Chronically sick people or health wise threatened people (e.g. diabetic, heart circulation ill)• Nursing-destitute people (whether at home, statonary or mobile outdoors)• Traffic users (cyclist, driver, motorcyclist, pedestrian, etc.)• Parents of toddlers for medical emergencies• Children & teenagers / pupils in generaly (Safety at school, on school routes / school trips, leisure)• Pregnant women (e.g. premature births)• Singles / womans• Pensioners / seniors• Migrants / travelers & tourists• Vacationer / business travelers• Outdoor sportsman• Enterprises & employees• Independent ones
IMPORTANT INSTALLATION TIP:To make sure you get optimized help considering your individually needs, please include all required information in menu "SOS data" and "Helper".Completing all informations takes maximum 5 minutes of your time.By the way: the smart barometer shows reliably your achieved security level to you.
VIDEO / TUTORIAL:Set up step by step quick and easy - the emergency call SOS app HandHelp.Click:
IN-APP-FEES:Click "Buy" for the full version and test HandHelp for 7 days free.If you give notice of trial - we charge NO fees!
Monthly fee:. Only 2,00 € Year Fee:. Only 19,90 € ( 2 month savings / year).
NOTE: You can cancel and uninstall HandHelp on Google Play Store.
EXTRAS:• updates free of charge• technical support free of charge
TECHNICAL INFORMATION:• HandHelp is currently in German, English and Russian (other languages planned)• HandHelp is usable probably on other operating systems.
MORE INFORMATION:http://www.emergency-app.comand
QUESTIONS AND SUGGESTIONS:In case of concerns please use support@app-sec.deWe take care for every single case!
PROTECTIVE TIP:HandHelp™ is a trademark of App-Sec-Network®
*Currently available for the countries: DE, AT, CH, LI.